French Tech Connect #5 // Data for Impact, December 19th 2019

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Seoul, December 19th 2019

For the last French Tech Connect of the year, we discussed about Data as a tool for positive impact at Ashoka Korea.

Data is a key pillar of the 4th industrial revolution and investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Customer Insights, Big Data technologies or Data Scientists (just to cite a few) are growing every day worldwide. But is this race for more Data a positive evolution in our societies? 

Data is just a tool and AI an instrument leading to actions and it is our responsibility to empower it for a better future.

With great speakers we discovered and discussed how Data is part of almost every innovation those days while bringing a focus on great examples where it is supporting a positive impact.


- Yoann FOL from DatHappy

- Lin HWANG from DamoGO

Sponsor: Germinal