With more than 30 000 startups and 130 VC funds, the Korean ecosystem has raised 6 unicorns and many successful startups in high-tech fields such as AI, biotech and fintech. At the same time, France positioned itself as a real startup nation with funding booming since 2013 and key private initiatives such as the creation in 2017 of Station F, the world's largest startup incubator housing more than 1000 startups and corporate partners such as Naver, Facebook and Microsoft.

To bridge these ecosystems and encourage partnerships between France and Korea, the French Tech Hub was created in 2016, resulting in numerous MoUs signed and genuine interest of both innovation ecosystems to develop partnerships. To further accelerate this success, the French government now wishes for these hubs to be directly managed by and for startups: the French Tech Hubs become French Tech communities.


The new French Tech Community in Korea, officially endorsed since April 2019, will allow us to create a real community comprised of French and Korean startups, creating business / funding opportunities on both sides and strengthening the ties between France and Korea with a focus on “Tech for good” innovations.

Develop networks between French and Korean startups and within the French / Korean tech startup ecosystems

Create business and investment match-up opportunities for startups in France and Korea

Strength in numbers:

Promote the ecosystems and the market opportunities on both sides 


Our board members collaborate to build and execute the strategy and objectives of the community. Composed of founders and executives of French-Korean startups and accelerators, their diversity reflects the building of a true French-Korean community.

Bosun Kim

French Tech Community Seoul co-president

CEO & Co-Founder, Asiance

Ghislain Brun

French Tech Community Seoul co-president

CEO & Co-Founder, QoQoons 

Sangyong Han

Board Member

Representative Seoul Office, Orange Fab Asia

Arthur Favier

Board Member

Executive Business development Unit Lead, Hyperconnect

Soowon Eom

Board Member

CEO & Co-Founder, Adriel

Janghyuk Lee

Board Member

CTO / Head of Seoul Office, Aligo